Welcome to the desert, pilot! It's 2020. You play a top attack helicopter pilot for the EUDEF (European Union Defense Force). The base of operations is a small forward base in the middle of the desert. You are tasked to keep the enemy forces at bay. Do you have what it takes to be the best attack helicopter pilot the EUDEF has?

Helostruck pays homage to the old Strike-series of games by Electronic Arts and to the old arcade games in general. That means the game is hard and only the skilled players will get to the top of the leaderboards.

Play now and claim your spot at the top of the leaderboard!


v1.7 - More performance enhancements

v1.6 - Updated to newer Unity3D build. Performance changes.

v1.5 - A small performance update.

v1.4 - Fixed jitter in mouse aim. Fixed one model scale that was off.

v1.3 - Changed control scheme

v1.2 - Sitelocked the game to only work on itch.io or downloaded. Made the resize trigger on boot to fill the window.

v1.1 - Added some missing audio. Updated code to point to correct servers. Added a few new missions. Modified layout so it should scale now with the browser window (up to a point).

v1.0 - Initial release

Developer notes

Greetings from the developer! Hope you enjoy playing the blast from the past known as Helostruck. For Koodipuukko, Helostruck was a test of several things.

First off, main goal was to ship a game from start to finish. This sounds like a given, but everyone who has worked in the gaming industry knows how hard shipping a game is. Second goal was to see what the WebGL side of the Unity game engine is capable off. Although a lot of goodies are not enabled for WebGL builds and, in a way, a WebGL game is more limited than a mobile game these days, we were pleased with the results.

Third and final goal was to test out the itch.io platform, cross-server communications and whatnots. Only time will tell how well the platform works as Helostruck is the first game from Koodipuukko on the platform. Financially expectations are not high, but hopefully there are enough generous people to allow enough income for outsourcing more assets for Helostruck and future games.

Development log

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