Internet, the world of thieves

A new minor update is now available to Helostruck. The window resizing added in the previous version now resizes the window after the launch to match container dimensions.

Another larger change was sitelocking the game. After a quick search on "Helostruck" a discovery was made. Some sad person/company is trying to benefit from web games other people have made, including Helostruck. As Helostruck is not that huge of a game, this wouldn't be an issue if the site in question actually gave credit were credit is due. I also saw some other games from there and my guess is none are given the credit and the games are there without permission. The worst part is that they are trying to profit from the games and not just share them as they have added an ad-system in place.

Luckily with the sitelocking the users will atleast be directed here instead of just supporting some random thieves.

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Aug 12, 2017

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